July 12, 2024

Swipe Right Night: A Stoplight Party

Look, we know you're tired of the apps.  So next Friday, July 12th, we are throwing a good old fashioned stop light party!  Ayesheh Mae of Filthy Comedy will be your host for this totally free and super fun event.

This is our first stop light party, so don't worry if it's yours!  Here's how it rolls:

Wear red if you're taken or just playing wing-person

Wear yellow if it's complicated

Wear green if you're single and ready to mingle

There will be ice breaker games and prizes to create a no pressure way to meet the fellow attendees.  Hang out on the back patio with us from 8p-10p then stay til close with the new friends (or dare we say more than friends?!) that you're bound to meet.  See you there!


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