June 3, 2024

Medium Patricia Griffin Comes to Elicit!

Patricia is an evidential Medium. She reads with great Accuracy Integrity, Humor and Love. She gives messages to audience members from your loved Ones in Spirit as she receives them. These messages help to bring us Peace, Closure and Comfort and let us know that even though we leave our physical body, our spirit, our essence, our soul live on. Death does not separate love. Love sees all, believes all and never ends. Patricia Griffin is a natural born medium who in 2014 came to a point where she could no longer deny her gifts and went professional. Patricia was born and raised in Waterbury, CT. Communicating with loved ones brings peace, validation and closure to let us know they are still with us.

Though Patricia reads many audience members, reading is not guaranteed.

1 drink is included with each ticket. Doors open at 5:30p for the 6:30p event.

What's Going on?

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