June 23, 2024

Dogs & Drinks

Grab a beer and meet the rescued puppies who are looking for a new home. The patio areas will be open for you to bring your pet and meet other local dog owners! At the end of the event, we’ll announce the winners of our giveaway of two 30-minute animal reiki sessions ($100 value total).

Your ticket includes:

Complimentary alcoholic beverage

Free dog treats

Entry into a giveaway to receive one of two 30-minute animal reiki session ($50 value)

Puppy cuddles

Conditions: Alcoholic beverages covered by your ticket includes a beer, 6-ounce glass of wine, White Claw, or Truly. None of the involves parties are responsible for pets brought to the venue or any sensitivities your pet may have to the free dog treats provided.

This event is sponsored by The Heal in Health. The Heal in Health provides spiritual and wellness services for animals through reiki, an energy healing practice. Animal reiki is especially helpful for pets who have separation anxiety or have experienced trauma. Unlike humans, animals don’t have the means to release negative energy they may collect through their experiences.

What's Going on?

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